Kodak VERSAMARK VT3250, VT3350 and VT3400 Printing Systems

New Models for Kodak Versamark V-Series Printing Systems Expand Opportunities for High Volume Monochrome and Color Applications. Data centers and commercial printers that produce high volumes of black and white (B&W) documents now can choose from three new cost effective models of Kodak Versamark V-Series Printing Systems. Ideal for customers that produce 2 to 7 million images per month, Kodak Versamark VT3250, VT3350 and VT3400 Printing Systems offer roll fed continuous inkjet (CIJ) printing that can produce 512 to 1026 monochrome images (1-up duplex letter size) per minute, depending on the model. Color capability also varies by model, producing four over one process color images (1-up duplex letter size) at 512 to 1026 images per minute.

Kodak Versamark VT3250, VT3350 and VT3400 Printing Systems handle high volume variable data print applications for transactional documents, print on demand, direct mail, books, and newspapers for both B&W and color applications. To easily and affordably move from B&W to full color capability, these latest Versamark V-Series Systems from Kodak come with low risk color options in addition to their monochrome printing capability.