Koizumi Beat Spa Scalp Washer removes excess oil left on the scalp

Koizumi Seiki Beat Spa is capable of 35 bursts per second. Beat Spa is recommended for cleaning and massaging the scalp at home. The light portable Scalp Washer is powered by a built in Li-ion battery. It takes approximately 2 hours to charge and can be continuously used for 20 minutes. With 3 liter water capacity, the Beat Spa is an ideal solution to remove excess oil and rinse out shampoo left on the scalp after regular shampooing. The Pulse Scalp Cleaner Beat Spa comes with a showerhead with 1.5m hose length and a container for warm water.

The Pulse Scalp Cleaner Beat Spa measures 200x286x210mm and weigh approximately 2.0kg.With three different settings-strong/regular/rhythms, the Koizumi Beat Spa Scalp Washer is for Japanese market only