KT implements fastest-ever wireless services for Yeosu Expo

The Korean mobile carrier KT (Korea Telecom) is pulling out all the stops to make sure visitors to the Yeosu Expo have access to high-speed Internet anywhere they go during the three-month event. KT, chosen as the main telecommunications service provider, has implemented the 3W plus LTE strategy for the Expo. This refers to providing the fastest-ever wireless services in 3G WCDMA, WiBro ((Wireless Broadband) is a wireless broadband Internet technology developed by the South Korean telecoms industry) and WiFi as “3W,” as well as long-term evolution services.

Whether visitors stroll inside the International Pavilion, Sky Tower or walk by the Big-O at nighttime, KT said guests can easily connect to its services. KT’s LTE services also extend beyond the Expo to the KTX bullet train, which brings visitors to the Expo’s entrance. Meanwhile, its 4G Wibro can be accessed not only at exhibition centers within the expo, but also in the city and the airport. It is also featuring near-field communication-based mobile services at the expo, which allows visitors to settle their bills via smartphones and provide voice communication systems.

The Yeosu Expo is expected to create more than 79,000 jobs and generate more than 12 trillion won ($10.2 billion) in terms of productivity, twice as much as the 1988 Seoul Olympics, according to the Yeosu organizing committee. The “Living Ocean and Coast” themed, 93-day major event is expecting over 10 million visitors from 105 different countries.

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