Kyocera synthetic Opal used for new Casio Sheen lineup of women’s watches

Kyocera’s uniquely developed synthetic opal material — called Kyoto Opal in the Japanese market — has been utilized for the new SHW-1503D model of Casio Sheen lineup of women’s watches. Kyocera’s Kyoto Opal realizes a variety of rich and subtle hues and tints similar to naturally occurring opal, and is gaining attention as a decorative material for its ability to be cut into diverse shapes. Appropriately fitting with Casio’s Sheen concept of Elegant, Smart and Shining, the new SHW-1503D features synthetic opals cut into diamond shapes, and set where the hour numbers would normally be.

The unique sheen of opal and its shimmering iridescence, which changes with the light, represents the radiant beauty emanating from within a woman, highlighting her essence with an elegant design. The new product will go on sale by Casio from April 6 in Japan, and then will be marketed in China and Korea.

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