Kyocera Ceramic Sharpener for steel knives

The Japanese technology corporation Kyocera has launched a new ceramic sharpener for steel knives. A ceramic grinding wheel forms the centerpiece of this product that enables users to sharpen their steel blades with virtually no effort at all. The decisive feature of a kitchen knife is the sharpness of its blade. Using the ceramic sharpener from Kyocera, now amateur cooks can also make sure that their steel knives remain in prime condition. The application is straightforward to use: with a simple to and fro movement, the sharpener takes care of coarse and fine grinding in one operation without any water. Thanks to the transparent cover on the grinder, users have a clear view of the blade during the grinding operation, which helps them to obtain optimum results. Cleaning afterwards is simply carried out under running water.

The Kyocera knife sharpener with the ceramic insert has been specially developed for and is exclusively intended for use with steel blades and is available for approximately ($26).