Kyocera Develops fine ceramic with a color that closely resembles 18-karat gold

Kyocera has developed a new fine ceramic with a color that closely resembles 18-karat gold. The material has been created by raising the brightness level approximately 5% (approx. 3.6 points) above previous gold ceramic products. The three inherent attributes of color are luminosity, hue and saturation. Luminosity refers to the visually perceived brightness or darkness of a color as a percentage. In developing the new gold fine ceramic material, Kyocera increased the luminosity of its previous gold fine ceramic – one of 18 colored fine ceramics provided by Kyocera – while retaining the material’s outstanding hardness. This made it possible to more closely recreate the texture and color of 18-karat gold.

The new gold fine ceramic is a sophisticated addition to Kyocera’s lineup of colored ceramics that are used as decorative materials for watches, mobile phones and other premium accessories. Kyocera will pursue upscale applications for the elegant gold material in new markets worldwide