Kyocera develops new series of boring bars-Dynamic Bars

Kyocera – a specialist in the area of fine ceramic products has launched its new series of boring bars. Developed using the application of the latest computer simulation technologies and featuring a special alloy, Kyocera’s new boring bar series Dynamic Bars clearly reduces vibration and ensures steady chip evacuation. The streamlined chip flute is the detail that accounts for smooth chip evacuation. It is more than 1.2 times as long as conventional models and as a result has the capacity to remove the chips smoothly. Compared to normal steel boring bars, the Kyocera Dynamic Bar is considerably more stable. And the special alloy composition of the Dynamic Bar reduces vibration to a minimum.

The maximum protruding length of the tool is up to 5.5 x D, compared to a factor of five in earlier models. For quality assurance, Kyocera has subjected its new product to comprehensive wear analyses