Kyocera KC-50 Series Protective Overcoat for Thermal Printheads makes thermal printheads six times more resistant to corrosion

kyocera.jpgKyocera today announced its new KC-50 Series protective overcoat for thermal printheads — an innovation that improves corrosion resistance by six times while offering increased energy efficiency and higher print quality. Many flat-type thermal printheads manufactured by Kyocera will soon be available with the KC-50 Series protective overcoat. Additionally, because thermal printers are widely used in outdoor equipment and industrial environments, their excellent durability is a key feature. The KC-50 Series protective overcoat takes this durability to a new level by offering increased resistance to corrosion caused by outdoor conditions or industrial environments. The new protective overcoat significantly improves corrosion resistance through Kyocera’s proprietary sealing materials and deposition technology, while improving both energy efficiency and print quality.

The worldwide market is expanding for thermal-type printers. Their advantages include silent, maintenance-free operation; high-speed, high-quality print; excellent durability; and no need for ink or toner. Because of these qualities, thermal printers are widely used to generate receipts, tickets, merchandise labels, ID cards and many other essential printed items. With the world’s No. 1 market share for thermal printheads, Kyocera strives to develop products that meet diverse customer needs and prove useful in everyday life.