Kyocera KD210GH-2P polycrystalline photovoltaic high-efficiency module

Kyocera will be presenting its latest product, the KD210GH-2P polycrystalline photovoltaic high-efficiency module at Intersolar 2008 in Munich. Kyocera is taking Intersolar 2008 as an opportunity to introduce an additional module from the new KD series in the form of the KD210GH-2P. After exhibiting the predecessor module, the KD205GH-2P, barely a few weeks ago, Kyocera can already claim an additional 5 watts to the rated output of the new product. Under standard test conditions, the KD210GH-2P achieves 210 watts. The KD210GH-2P is suitable for both private residential houses as well as for industrial and large-scale plants.

Many series-connected modules can be easily wired together using pre-assembled solar cables and multi-contact plugs. The new KD module series from Kyocera replaces the previous KC series and is characterized by a greater power output and a high level of reliability. All KD modules from Kyocera comply with the new standards of IEC 61215 ed.2 and IEC 61730.