Kyocera Museum of Art to Feature the work of Yoshiyuki Chosa

Kyocera announced the opening of the 9th Special Exhibition at The Kyocera Museum of Art dedicated to the work of Yoshiyuki Chosa (1915-2002) — a premier figure in the world of toreutics (artistic metalworking by hammering, engraving, Repoussé and chasing) and recipient of Japan’s Order of Culture. Carefully selected for this exhibit among the artist’s many works, the vivacious pieces on display focus on works of contemporary conceptual design created with remarkable technique. The exhibit features 40 pieces of the artist’s wide variety of work, including a well-known piece that has been featured in the premier Japanese Nitten Exhibition.

Yoshiyuki _chosa.jpg
Born in Kagoshima, Japan in 1915, Yoshiyuki Chosa has had his work featured in many of Japan’s most prominent art exhibits. He was also a major force in the establishment of the Nihon Shinkougeika Renmei (Japan modern technical art federation), and was a recipient of Japan’s Order of Culture.The exhibition nwill be held from November 1 through December 9 at The Kyocera Museum of Art — located on the 1st floor of the Kyocera Head Office in Fushimi, Kyoto City, Japan. Major collections include Qianlong glassware, Picasso’s copper plate print series 347, modern Japanese paintings, Western-style paintings, sculpture, and fine ceramic pottery.