Kyocera standardized thermal print heads consumes 40% less power

Kyocera announced the availability of 28 newly standardized thermal print head models for barcode printer applications. Previously these 28 models had been offered solely on a custom, made-to-order basis. The new standardized models also offer the option of EcoGeneration – a new, eco-friendly technology that reduces power consumption and noise levels. The structure of the heating unit is optimized to improve thermal efficiency and operate on about 40% less power than Kyocera’s conventional models. EcoGeneration also reduces sticking during operation to diminish noise levels by up to 6 dB compared to Kyocera’s conventional models. This revolutionary feature helps to reduce noise impact on the environment.

To support broad market needs, each of the 28 models supports four different preset printing speeds ranging from 150 to 350 mm/second, three preset resolutions of 203 to 600 dpi, and five preset printing widths ranging from 54 to 219 mm as standard specifications. Kyocera will begin marketing the standardized products in September of this year.