Kyoto Opal key rings and decorative straps for mobile phones – a timely Christmas present

Kyocera’s original decorative material Kyoto Opal is being used in various new applications including designer chopsticks, and traditional Japanese ornaments used as key rings and decorative straps for mobile phones. Kyocera’s Kyoto Opal is cultivated using the company’s original gem synthesis technology, with a quartz-grain structure that is identical to naturally occurring opals. Available in 12 colors that are reminiscent of classic Japanese hues, the decorative material is being used in an ever-widening range of products in the Japanese market.

The ornaments use traditional chirimen and kumihimo styles of intricately weaving and tying strings in elaborate patterns by hand. With a small ball-shaped cut of Kyoto Opal to accent the Japanese fashion, the ornaments express a hint of the beauty of old-Kyoto. Perfect as a souvenir or a timely Christmas present, the key rings and straps range from 740 to 1,890 yen, and the specialty chopsticks from 3,990 to 4,200 yen. The unique material characteristics of Kyoto Opal make it possible to cut into various shapes and sizes, thus creating high expectations for use in diverse applications.