Latest game-changing cultural import from Japan-Mozzman Episode 3 to premiere in Hollywood on April 29

The latest game-changing cultural import from Japan- Mozzman Episode 3: Ladymozz and the Death of Earth will have its Hollywood premiere at this year’s Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival. The third short-film episode of the “Mozz” series, which chronicles an amnesiac alien philosopher’s walking journey as he passes through Yokohama and participates in the waltz of the moon and the sun, has been praised for its unique pairing of audacious cinematic storytelling and its highly positive message.Directed by French filmmaker Cris Uberman, with an original screenplay by Japanese actor / writer Hiro Super, the movie is also notable for its international nature.

Artists working in various genres and of many nationalities were assembled to make the movie, making it one of the most internationally collaborative art projects in recent years to debut on the independent film festival circuits in the United States.The latest game-changing cultural import from Japan, the film will be screened as part of the festival’s “EPIC JUKEBOX” program on April 29.