LCD Digital Infant Baby Nipple Thermometer

Generally, thermometers are very boring in design. At max you get a long, thin cylindrical tube with some design imprinted on it. That’s it. Nothing more exciting. But the latest BudgetGadgets thermometer is way different. Unlike traditional thermometers which come in the shape of long, thin cylinder, the Baby Nipple Thermometer comes in the shape of a nipple! The LCD displays the body temperature with ±0.1°C/0.2°F(from 35.5°C to 42.0°C/ from 95.9°F to 107.6°F) accuracy. It takes approximately 4 seconds to take the reading and a beep is heard for confirmation.
Dirty thoughts apart, the thermometer’s shape would be really useful for infant babies who take nothing except nipples in their mouth. And the weird shape certainly makes sense as young kids don’t take typical thermometers in their mouth that easily, but a thermometer in the shape of a nipple will easily find its way in their mouth! Pretty good device to buy if your kid only likes nipples.

The Baby Nipple Thermometer with display range32.0°C-42.0°C/89.6°F-107.6°F is only intended for children ages four and under. It is powered by a 1.5v button cell (LS/LR-41). Battery life is about 100 hours under continuous operation. LCD Digital Infant Baby Nipple Thermometer measures 62x45x44mm
and is now available from for $4.95.