LG announces voice activated Roboking robot vacuum cleaners in Korea

LG today announced the launch of voice activated robot vacuum cleaner Roboking ((Model: VR6281LVMC, VR6282LVMC) in Korea. The smart vacuum cleaner can be operated by voice command. If you clap twice, the Robot goes into pause mode. The LG Roboking is equipped with the ability to move in the direction of the user, and recognize the direction from where the voice comes. The new model has 10% more cleaning efficiency than previous corresponding models. The cleaner remembers the master corners of the room and is more efficient in locating obstacles.

Dual cameras on the top and bottom to enable a faster and smarter clean. The upper and lower cameras and three ultrasonic sensors help to clean dark places very nicely. The built in three ultrasonic sensors automatically recognize and avoid obstacles by fixtures and protects the LG robot vacuum cleaner Roboking from damages. Once fully charged, the cleaner can be used for 100 minutes. The LG Roboking uses noise reducing technology that allows it to operate at just 48 decibels (dB) level, making it easy to watch TV or talk on the phone even while vacuuming the floors.
Experience a new level of clean with LG voice activated robot vacuum cleaners- Roboking ((Model: VR6281LVMC, VR6282LVMC). Boasting easy-to-reach controls, ergonomic designs and the latest technology, these clever vacuums make it easy to clean your floors and furniture – and make it a healthier place to live. The LG Roboking vacuum cleaners are available in two colors- Mirror Black and Ruby Red and are available in Korea for approximately 819,000 won ($733).

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