LG Chem develops Smart Case exclusively for the children growth failure medicine- Eutropin Pen

LG Chem today announced the Smart Case’ exclusively for the children growth failure medicine, Eutropin Pen. The Smart Case automates records to reduce children’s repulsion to treatment by preventing repeated injection on same part of the body, while making optimal diagnosis and prescription possible based on accurate records during examinations at the hospital. The Smart Case automates injection records to resolve customer inconveniences of having to manually write down growth hormone injection records every day.  The key to the LG Chemicals Smart Case is that it converts the product storage case that used to be enclosed with the children’s growth failure medicine ‘Eutropin Pen’ customers to a digital format.

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By simply pressing the button on the case, information such as dosage, place of injection, etc. is automatically saved and recorded in the dedicated mobile app EuDi. The automation of records can prevent the mistake of repeatedly injecting the same part of the body as the previous day, while doctors can check the drug compliance information of the app together with the child to make the optimal diagnosis and prescription. LG Chem plans to further reinforce its digital-based customer experience innovation activities starting with the supply of the Smart Case. LG Chem launched Korea’s first growth hormone ‘Eutropin’ back in 1993.

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