LG Electronics Sets Up South Koreas Largest Peak Shaving ESS

LG has built South Korea’s largest single-site peak shaving energy storage system (ESS) at KG Dongbu Steel’s plant in Dangjin, 123 kilometers south of Seoul. A peak shaving ESS stores electricity in a battery during off-peak hours at night when electricity use and prices are low, and allows plants to use the stored electricity during the peak hours of daytime, thereby lowering the cost of the electricity used. The peak shaving ESS features a LG Energy Solution battery capacity of 174.7-megawatt-hour and a PCS capacity of 40 megawat. The ESS is mounted with LG Electronics’ PCS and PMS and a battery from LG Energy Solution.

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The newly-installed ESS will be operated by the Korea East-West Power Co. and will contribute to cost savings of about 96 billion won ($8,13,45,650) over the next 15 years. The South Korea’s largest system capable of storing energy is enough to power some 15,000 households a day. To maximize the safety of the ESS, LG Energy Solution Ltd. includes battery fire spread prevention system. When a fire occurs in a battery, the smoke detector senses the fire and directly sprays water into the battery module to prevent the spread of the fire. The system has a real-time monitoring solution that can be remotely controlled from a control tower. Source:- Korea BizWire

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