LG HOM-BOT SQUARE Robotic Vacuum cleaner recognizes areas it has previously cleaned

LG will showcase its newest square robotic vacuum cleaner in a most creative fashion at the CES 2013. A highly trained troupe of HOM-BOT SQUARE units will demonstrate their incredible maneuverability with a well-choreographed dance routine at select times over the period of the show. Robotic cleaners typically have only one camera. The advanced HOM-BOT SQUARE uses two improved Dual Eye 2.0 cameras to plot outa smarter, faster and more efficient cleaning route. Taking several images per second, the upper and lower cameras effectively scan ceilings, walls and floors, even in the dark. This information is then analyzed by HOM-BOT SQUARE to generate smarter mapping. At the same time, multiple sensors detect all obstacles within a 180 degree field, taking a myriad of surface images for collision-free operation.

The LG HOM-BOT SQUARE also features a Learning Function which enables it to recognize areas it has previously cleaned. This helps it to remember the positioning of objects or to sense when an area is already clean, minimizing unnecessary repetition. HOM-BOT SQUARE cleans effectively and efficiently thanks to Corner Master, which is comprised of two long brushes, Corner Detecting Sensors and the cleaner’s unique shape. The Corner Detecting Sensors enable the smart cleaner to pinpoint its exact location in the home, telling it when to turn or if it has reached the edge of a room. The improved battery holds more charge, meaning owners of the LG HOM-BOT SQUARE can enjoy extended periods of worry-free automated cleaning.

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