LG launches voice-activated NFC-Enabled air conditioners

LG today launched the latest voice-activated, NFC-Enabled air conditioner, Son Yeon Jae Special G the second model of LG’s G project. The latest LG air conditioner flaunts the highest energy efficiency in the industry, as evidenced by its winning of the Energy Frontier certification, higher than KEMCO’s energy efficiency rating Level 1. A total of twenty nine LG products have obtained Energy Frontier certification.

LG Son Yeon Jae Special G, NFC-Enabled air conditioner sports cutting-edge functions like the 2X super cooling system and real 4D cooling (which can provide cool air from 4 sides – top, bottom, left and right) and the super cool power cooling (a fast cooling technology that can cool the temperature of a space speedily with winds 4℃ colder than that of existing air conditioners.

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