LG launches wireless bedding cleaner in Japan

LG today launched the wireless bedding cleaner known as Bedding King in Korea for the Japanese market. Bedding King was launched in October last year for the domestic market. Besides Japan, it is launched in China also. This year the demand for bedding cleaner grew by 30% over last year in Japan due to humid climate. LG plans to encash on this.LG_wireless_bedding_cleaner_japanThe wireless bedding cleaner removes the ticks and hairs inside the bed with motion vibration, powerful suction power and soft rotation brush. The wireless bedding cleaner is powered with 2 high performing HEPA filters which trap small dust particles that may cause problems for allergy sufferers and others with health problems.
LG_wireless_bedding_cleaner_whiteAfter the cleaning of the bedding the UV lamp inside the station sterilizes harmful bacteria at the bottom of the cleaner to prevent secondary contamination. In addition to minimizing the waist and wrist strain for Japanese consumers, LG wireless bedding cleaner is available in white color.

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