LG Magic Space Refrigerators Breaks 3-million mark in Sales Worldwide

The cumulative sales of LG’s “Magic Space” refrigerator have exceeded the 3-million level. Launched in 2010, the Magic Space refrigerator hit the cumulative sales number of 1 million units in 2013. The refrigerator has been popular largely because of the door-in-door feature. LG launched the first Magic Space refrigerator in Korea in February 2010. It was launched in Asia, North America, and Latin America in 2011 and Oceania in 2012.

Magic Space refrigerator allows users to take out frequently used items more conveniently. It can also save electric power by a half as there is less need to open and close the door. The refrigerator’s capacity of 43-83 liters is almost equivalent to that of the small-sized one-door refrigerator. The Magic Space can store as many as 72 355-ml cola cans, with the height of the basket inside the refrigerator being able to be adjusted upward or downward.

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