LG shows off its latest energy efficient home appliances in Berlin

LG showcased an impressive range of localized, energy efficient home appliances at the 2013 LG Innovative Festival (InnoFest), held in Berlin from April 10 to 11. LG’s latest home appliances, including its Eco-Hybrid washer-dryer and energy grade A+++ refrigerators, boast a number of innovative features and cutting-edge technologies. By strengthening its lineup of premium and mid-end appliances tailor-made for each market, LG aims to reinforce its strong global position and become the number one home appliance brand in the world by 2015.

On display at this year’s LG InnoFest in Berlin were the company’s new Eco-Hybrid washer-dryers — 12 kg washing and 8 kg drying — and 9 kg freestanding dryers. Conventional washer-dryers normally utilize water during the drying cycle. LG’s new washer-dryers, on the other hand, deliver incredible A-grade energy efficiency through a convenient Air-drying mode that complements the conventional drying mode. This saves the consumer up to 6,900 liters of water per year.
Along with energy saving washers and dryers, LG also offers the industry’s first A+++ energy rated bottom-freezer refrigerator and double layered Door-in-Door system. LG’s refrigerators provide customers with enhanced energy savings as well as the most convenient food storage and access options. LG offers further value to European consumers with exceptional products such as the Charcoal Lighting Heater oven, the HOM-BOT SQUARE robotic vacuum cleaner, and TrueSteam equipped dishwashers.

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