LG to showcase easy to control smart home appliance at CES 2013

At the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show 2013 in Las Vegas, LG will showcase its smart appliance lineup, offering enhanced connectivity and greater user convenience. By simply touching their smartphone to the NFC Tag-on symbol on one of LG’s smart appliances, customers can easily register and control their refrigerator, washing machine, robotic vacuum cleaner or range oven. Smart Control also allows the user to effectively manage their appliances with simple voice commands given via smartphone and remotely monitor LG’s super-efficient Smart Home system away from home.

LG’s smart washing machine incorporates Smart Diagnosis, Smart Access, Smart Adapt and Smart Grid Ready features. Using Wi-Fi, NFC tagging and audible diagnosis, LG’s Smart Diagnosis alerts the user to technical issues, while the Smart Adapt feature makes it possible to download new washing cycle programs — such as Super Rinse or Baby Sanitize — via smartphone or directly from the washing machine’s LCD panel.

LG’s Smart Oven comes equipped with Smart Access, Smart Adapt and Smart Diagnosis, which opens up a whole new range of smarter cooking possibilities. With a Wi-Fi connection, home chefs can monitor the status of their ovens, search for recipes, set cooking modes and diagnose problems. Even without Wi-Fi, NFC gives users the ability to program the oven for a particular recipe as well as diagnose a problem using their mobile device. What’s more, LG’s smart oven can be voice controlled via a smartphone or LG Smart TV.

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