LG Uplus and Novita announces a new bidet with IoT technology

LG Uplus and South Korean bidet maker Novita today unveiled a new bidet with IoT technology. The new bidet is the first in South Korea to be equipped with IoT technology. Using Wi-Fi, users are able to control their bidet system and change settings including temperature, water spray strength and bidet nozzles, through the LG Uplus home IoT service platform ‘IoT@Home’. The new bidet with IoT technology sends push notifications via the mobile app to the user as and when filters need changing or nozzles need cleaning.

According to LG Uplus, the new bidet warns users who sit on the toilet for too long, a position some medical experts say is unhealthy. The new IoT bidet will send an alarm message that reads “get off the toilet” to users via the connected app to help maintain good health and break bad habits. The new high-tech bidet is set to go on sale next month in South Korea and will be available at LG Uplus and Novita stores as well as other online retailers including 11st and Auction.

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