LG Display develops world’s first TFT roll-printing technology

LG Display has developed the world’s first TFT roll-printing technology that can replace the photolithography process. Photolithography is a process used in TFT-LCD fabrication to form patterns on the TFT and color filter substrate. It involves a complex set of processes that requires huge and costly equipment. However, using the roll-printing technology instead of photolithography, the complex set of processes used to form the required patterns can be proceeded at once. The roll-printing technology is expected to help reduce material and equipment costs, clean room investment costs and also shorten the production time of TFT-LCD.

Roll-printing is an environment-friendly technology that significantly decreases the use of chemicals used in the photolithography process and is also applicable to the next-generation, flexible display technology. LG Display plans to unveil its new TFT roll-printing technology at the SID(Society of Information Display) 2008 which will be held from May 20 through 22 in Los Angeles, California