LG Innotek strengthens marketing for LED lighting

LG Innotek’s LED lighting module, ModulA, is unveiled at the LightFair trade exhibition in Philadelphia. ModulA 1D is just 8 millimeters thick, comes with advanced LED backlight unit technology. LG Innotek, LG Group’s component-making affiliate is strengthening its efforts to carve out a position in the fast-growing market for light-emitting diode (LED) lighting in North America. The advancement in technology has been allowing companies to produce brighter and more power-efficient LED bulbs and other products at lower costs. The market for LED lighting is on the verge of exploding as it moves away from the so-called dark tunnel period thanks to maturing technology and increased backing by governments around the world for power-efficient products and systems.

It also unveiled AngulA which is claimed to be the first indirect type LED light engine that promises better efficiency. North America accounts for 30 percent of the global demand for LED bulbs, according to LG Innotek. An LED bulb could be made up of a dozen light-emitting diodes, or small semiconductor chips, costing about $1 each.