LG launches EU’S first A++ energy rated side by side Fridge with world’s first air purifying system in a refrigerator

The new LG 614-liter side-by-side refrigerator boasts the first A++ energy-efficiency rating in the European Union for any fridge equipped with both a dispenser and a Home-Bar. With an enlarged usable inner space, the new fridge packs a raft of smart functions and innovative features — including Hygiene Filter, which keeps food fresher for longer, and the Slim Door Mounted Ice Maker, incorporating a compact design to further maximize the usable area inside the fridge. As the world’s first air purifying system in a refrigerator, LG’s Hygiene Filter eliminates 99.9 percent of dust, bacteria, and odors through four steps of anti-bacterial care and deodorization.

The Hygiene Filter works in conjunction with a fan certified by Intertek, one of Europe’s leading product certification and testing agencies. By developing the Slim Door Mounted Ice Maker, the first of its kind in the industry, LG has confirmed its position as a leading innovator in the refrigerator market. This ultra-compact device conceals the ice-making system inside the refrigerator’s door, freeing up extra door bins and shelf space to maximize both space and energy efficiency.