LG opens new production line in Poland capable of manufacturing one million washing machines and refrigerators annually

LG today broke ground on the opening of a new production line in Wroclaw, Poland, capable of manufacturing one million washing machines and the expansion of a refrigerators line raising its output of refrigerators from 300,000 units to one million annually. The new production lines in Wroclaw will enable LG to respond better to a range of local consumer needs and demands. A key benefit is in the reduction of time required for shipment. Previously, washing machines and a large proportion of refrigerators were shipped from Korea and China, requiring more than a month for delivery to Europe.

However, with the new Wroclaw facility, the maximum time required for shipment throughout Europe will only be five days, less for closer destinations. Supply chain costs will also decrease as costs associated with transportation, storage and operations are reduced. The local economy is already reaping the benefit of the expansion, with the hiring of 800 additional workers and a 36 percent increase in local business partnerships.
The refrigerators produced in Wroclaw are LG’s signature side-by-side, two-door bottom freezer and Larder & Freezer models. The highly energy efficient side-by-side has an A++ energy rating, while the bottom freezer is rated an outstanding A+++. The bottom freezer is equipped with the No Plumbing feature that eliminates the need to connect the refrigerator to a water source. These two energy-efficient refrigerator models rely on LG’s Linear Compressor technology which makes the refrigerators more energy efficient and keeps food fresh longer.