LG sells more than two million 6 Motion washing machines worldwide

Sales of LG’s 6 Motion washing machines have exceeded more than two million units worldwide since its debut in later 2009. First introduced in October 2009, LG’s 6 Motion Direct Drive washing machines have recorded 2.25 million units in sales, which include 1.25 million units of its front-loading washing machines as well as one million top-loading units. Enabled by LG’s Inverter Direct DriveTM technology, the 6 Motion washing machine has won rave reviews. Its unique feature allows for more precise spin speed control and inner drum movements saves energy, time and gets clothes cleaner.

With a range of cycles optimized for different types of fabrics and delivering a wash that is as gentle as it is thorough, LG’s 6 Motion technology goes beyond mere laundry. LG’s front-loading washing machines have been the best-selling front loaders in the world for the past two years and the top sellers in the United States for the last four.