LG to unveil World’s largest capacity washing machine in a standard 24-inch cabinet with lowest noise and energy consumption

Specifically designed to offer total efficiency, LG’s smart 11kg washing machine is the world’s largest capacity in a standard 24-inch cabinet and features the industry’s lowest noise, vibration and energy consumption level. It eliminates any wasted space internally to incorporate a drum vo-lume of 78-liters, which is approximately 20-liters greater than a conventional 7kg wash-ing machine. The 24-inch standard-size cabinet makes the machine suitable for small laundry rooms with limited space while the large drum means fewer wrinkles. Furthermore, its Inverter Direct Drive makes LG new washing machine one of the most eco-friendly and durable washing machines on the market today. Furthermore, with the Inverter Direct Drive Technology eliminating wasted energy, owners will use 20-percent less energy than other A-rated washing machines, the lowest level even under the new Energy Label regu-lation.

LG’s smart 11kg washing machine employs a newly-designed damping system and a fixed outer tub, which increases the drum size while simultaneously reducing vibration to less than 30㎛ and dropping the noise level to only 54dB for a normal course with the tub spinning at 1400RPM and 52dB when running in Silent Wash mode, much quieter than general conver-sation which measures approximately 60-70dB. LG will unveil its latest washing machines with a massive capacity of 11kg at the 2009 Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin (IFA), held in Berlin from September 4 to 9.