LG unveils a full line-up of commercial air conditioning solutions at Climatización

LG is presenting a full line-up of commercial air conditioning solutions at Climatización, Europe’s premier air conditioning exhibition, being held in Madrid. At the center of the LG exhibit will be enhanced commercial air conditioning systems including the Multi V III, and the newly released Therma V and Air Handling Unit (AHU). The Multi V III boasts a 4.58 coefficient of performance and bigger capacity per unit with an extended piping length of 1,000m. In addition, LG’s H-Inverter and Compressor greatly enhance efficiency on the Multi V III, reducing energy use by up to 11 percent compared with previous models.

The Therma V, an air to water heat pump, is another key LG solution that will be on display in Madrid. Using technology that won an Innovation Award at the AHR Expo in Las Vegas, the Therma V is four times more efficient than conventional heating units.
The LG stand also includes the company’s Air Handling Unit (AHU), whose integrated control system lets users manage air conditioning for an entire building. The AHU provides outstanding heating, cooling and outdoor air conditioning while saving energy. Moving beyond its traditional role as a leader in air conditioning, LG is increasingly moving into the energy business, with solutions including LED lighting and solar power. LG plans to invest USD 500 million as it ramps up its workforce and R&D, with a further aim of hitting USD 10 billion in global sales by 2013.