LG’s Front-Load Washing Machines with Centrum System and Wi-Fi Comes with 20 Years Warranty

LG will introduce its Centum System, an innovative suspension system specifically designed to enhance reliability and durability in LG’s front-load washing machines. LG’s unique Centum System does away with traditional springs to support the outer tub by utilizing a new damping system equipped with shock absorbers, similar to those found in automobiles. This fixed-tub system greatly reduces vibration and noise levels, emitting only 67dB during the spin cycle, equivalent to the sound of a typical conversation. LG is so confident in the technology that it is doubling the standard 10-year warranty on its Inverter Direct Drive motors to 20 years in its Centum System washing machines.

LGCentum-System_Washing-MachineAll LG Centum System washing machines will be available with Wi-Fi connectivity. Homeowners will now be able to start wash cycles and receive real-time laundry notifications via their smartphones from any room in the house. LG washing machines equipped with NFC make it extremely convenient to program different wash cycles by simply touching the smartphone to the washing machine. LG’s advanced washing machines also come equipped with TurboWash, which can complete a half load cycle in only 49 minutes. A highly pressurized jet spray removes detergent from clothes during the rinse cycle, using less water and energy than conventional washing machines. The Centum System will be the latest innovation to be featured in LG’s newest front-loads washing machines for the European market which offer upgraded enamel coated exterior design for a more premium look.

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