Lippmann hologram reproduces 100-frames Video Images

DNP and Sony PCL have developed a hologram called Lippmann hologram that can store a video image with 100 frames. The new hologram is capable of storing dynamic picture images, including animation and live-action created with stereogram technology. The newly developed hologram has the capacity to store in excess of 100 image frames on a single hologram, and because it is extremely difficult to counterfeit, is effective in helping to discriminate between genuine and counterfeit goods. The Lippmann hologram records images with interference patterns formed by irradiating two laser lights on a photopolymer. DNP and Sony PCL are in a position to be able to supply the new hologram in various shapes and formats in answer to specific needs, including instances where the product takes the format of seals, heat-transfer foils and tamper-evident seals.

The new hologram has undergone approximately 18 months of field tests, and DNP and Sony PCL have moved into full scale operations after successfully confirming the effectiveness of the new hologram as an anti-counterfeiting measure.