London Police to go on the beat with electric three-wheeled scooter

London Police could soon be patrolling on electric three-wheeled scooters. The electric three-wheeled scooter is a far cry from the average police car, but it could soon be patrolling a street near you. The machine, known as the T3 personal mobility vehicle, is designed to allow officers to cover a greater amount of ground than on foot. T3has a top speed of 25mph, a range of more than 20 miles and is equipped with a police siren and red and blue flashing lights. Already used by some forces in the U.S., the £4,500 scooter was unveiled at the Association of Chief Police Officers’ annual conference in Manchester. The electric three-wheeled scooter T3 bears some resemblance to Sir Clive Sinclair’s ill-fated C5 electric car.

1001c5b.jpgThe ill-fated Sinclair C5 was first launched in the UK on the 10th January 1985. Created by the innovator and inventor Sir Clive Sinclair, most famous for his ZX80 and ZX81 personal computers from 1980, the C5 was a revolutionary electric vehicle weighing in at just 99lbs. The vehicle also had pedals for extra assistance up hills.