Low-E Glass ATTOCH from AGC provides high energy-saving performance throughout the year

Asahi Glass and the City of Kitakyushu (Fukuoka prefecture, Japan) conducted a demonstration test to evaluate the energy-saving performance of ATTOCHTM, a Low-E Glass developed by Asahi Glass for energy-saving renovations of building windows. Kitakyushu City is highly evaluated domestically and internationally for its pioneering environmental protection initiatives, and has been selected as an Environmental City of the Future. As part of citywide efforts for the green initiative, the city is promoting energy-saving measures such as introducing a photovoltaic power generation system to the main building of City Government.

Attoch_temperature_differenceThe test results confirmed that Low-E Glass ATTOCHTM provides high energy-saving performance throughout the year. ATTOCH will contribute to enhancing energy-saving efficiency and creating comfortable spaces in office buildings.
Attoch_dewInstallation of ATTOCH significantly reduced dew condensation on an indoor glass surface.
Product features:
ATTOCH provides measures both against heat in summer and cold air temperatures in winter, resulting in enhanced energy-saving performance throughout the year.
Lower installation costs
・No scaffolding is needed.
・Installation takes only 30 to 60 minutes per window.
・The existing glass continues to be used, so its disposal is not required.
Lower maintenance costs
・Unlike a heat shield film, periodic replacement is not needed.

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