Masunaga Wink Glasses- high-tech solution for ocular dehydration

brand_image_winkglasses2.jpgJapanese eyewear company Masunaga Optical has launched a high-tech solution for obsessive video-gamers and bookworms whose eyes dry out from lack of blinking-the Wink Glasses. Dry eye is an ocular disease clinically associated with corneal epithelium damage and arises acutely or chronically from dehydration of the ocular surface. Wink Glasses is an answer to the ocular dehydration. The Wink Glasses is powered by 2 x Zinc-air battery (PR41). The Glasses can be powered by your laptop USB port also.
When the user does not blink for more than five seconds, the sheet with a transparent liquid crystal sensor attached to the frame turns the glass opaque. When the user blinks, the lens clears itself.

If the glasses are not used for more than 5 minutes, the power is automatically shut off. The small and light weight glasses measures 28 × 60.9 × 26.2 and weigh 7.2g (with battery). The Wink Glasses costs approximately 15,750 yen ($170) and the frame 25,200 yen ($273). Both the glass and frame costs approximately 40,950 yen ($445) and comes with six months warranty from the date of purchase. Masunaga, based in the central Japanese city of Fukui, has enjoyed a boost in sales since Palin burst to international prominence last year as the Republicans’ vice presidential pick in the United States.