Matsushita Water, Heat, Dust-resistant LED light for use in mechanical equipment

Matsushita “Task Light for Mechanical Equipment” is a Water, Heat, Dust-resistant lighting device with a white LED light source for use in mechanical equipment. The lighting device with a good resistance to water, grease, heat, dust, etc, can be used as a work light inside machine tools. Compared with the existing 20W fluorescent lamp, the power consumption of the new light is reduced by as much as 1/3. In addition, when the luminous flux maintenance factor is set to 70%, the product has a life of 40,000 hours, which is more than five to six times longer than that of the existing products.

The new light can replace the company’s existing fluorescent lamps because they have the same cylinder shape. The new product comes in six types with different numbers of LEDs and lenses, which can be selected according to the installation conditions. The diffusion type equipped with five LEDs is priced at ¥25,725 (≠ US$241), while the wide-angle type with eight LEDs and eight lenses is ¥43,995 (both including tax).