Mazda Delivers Hydrogen Rotary Engine Vehicle to Japan Automobile Research Institute

Mazda Motor Corporation today announced that it has delivered one dual-fueled RX-8 Hydrogen RE vehicle, which runs on either gasoline or hydrogen, to the Japan Automobile Research Institute.. The Mazda RX-8 Hydrogen RE has a rotary engine with a dual-fuel system that allows the driver to select either gasoline or hydrogen fuel with the flick of a switch. The vehicle delivered to JARI is the seventh RX-8 Hydrogen RE that Mazda has supplied. The RX-8 Hydrogen RE will be used as part of its R&D activities to review the regulations regarding the safety of hydrogen vehicles, establish examination and evaluation techniques and create proposals for international standards.

The hydrogen supply will mainly come from JARI’s own hydrogen station at their facility in Tsukuba city.

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