MHI announces 5 New Models in its FDES Series of ceiling-suspended oil-resistant packaged air conditioners

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries will commence marketing of new models in its FDES Series of ceiling-suspended oil-resistant packaged air conditioners offering outstanding corrosion resistance, ideal for use in commercial kitchens, etc from mid-April. Five new models will be introduced, ranging from a 3-horsepower (hp) single model to a 10hp twin model. All the new models can blow air with pinpoint accuracy, and they meet the latest efficiency standards set under the 2015 Law on Promoting Green Purchasing. Functional performance and ease of both installation and maintenance have been enhanced with the incorporation of features such as an aluminum filter that can be cleaned using boiling-hot water, enabling repeated usage.

150417-No5634-HP1Performance has been improved through the achievement of high efficiency deriving from optimization of the shape and arrangement of the indoor unit’s heat exchanger. The ambient range for cooling operation has also been extended to -15°C, enabling the system to be used for cooling operation even in winter. Ease of maintenance has been improved by placing the primary side of the heat exchanger, which is typically difficult to keep clean, underneath the unit, to accommodate the air conditioner’s use in environments susceptible to steam, soot, etc. This arrangement enables cleaning of the heat exchanger from the bottom of the unit without removing the drain pan.

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