MHI to launch eight 2016 roomiest humidifier lineup for the Japanese home market

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioning & Thermal Systems on September 1 will launch eight new models in its 2016 lineup of “roomist” humidifiers for the Japanese home market. The lineup is includes five fan-powered steam type units and three hybrid evaporative warm-mist models. Among the five fan-powered steam type humidifiers, the two with a humidifying capacity of 350 milliliters per hour (ml/h) consume a maximum of only 250 watts (W) and operate at 27 decibels (dB) – making them the most energy-efficient and quietest humidifiers of their type.

MHI_JapanThey will be available in two color variations: black and red. All models in the fan-powered steam humidifier lineup, including the newly added 1,200ml/h unit, come with a standard-equipped ion filter that curbs scaling, for easy overall maintenance. The 350 and 600ml/h models also come with retractable handles convenient for carrying the unit, replenishing or removing water, etc.
Mitsubishi_Hybrid evaporative warm-mist humidifierThe three hybrid evaporative warm-mist humidifier models offer humidifying capacities of 500, 700 and 850ml/h. They integrate two systems: a vaporizing system in which a moist humidifier filter is fanned to induce humidification, and a warm-mist vaporizing system in which a moist humidifier filter is placed in a warm air current to induce vaporization. When humidity is low, humidification is swiftly achieved by warm-mist vaporization; then, when the preset humidity level is reached, the unit switches to vaporization mode and adjusts the amount of humidification.
Fan-powered steam humidifier_SHE35NDAs changeover between the two modes is automatically carried out depending on the humidity level, unnecessary electricity costs can be significantly curbed. When the unit is set to “ECO” operating mode, the heater is shut off and power consumption is reduced by roughly 90% compared to during normal operation.

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