MHI to launch residential-use air conditioners with improved human movement detection in Japan

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries will progressively launch a new SR Series of top-of-the-line residential-use air conditioners, six models in all, into the domestic Japanese market starting in the coming days. Featuring outstanding annual performance factors (APF), the new models are equipped with more advanced motion sensor capability to detect ambient human movement, for enhanced energy savings and improved comfort. They also feature a nano-mist and ion generating function that is highly effective in beautifying the skin and inhibiting viruses and bacteria. Additionally, units in the SR Series have the ability to operate in coordination with the hybrid evaporative warm-mist humidifiers marketed by an MHI affiliated company (available separately).

Other main features of the new SR Series include: 1) an automatic filter cleaning system, ensuring a clean filter at all times; 2) “JET” and “warp” operation modes, providing power and speed to bring the room to a pleasant temperature quickly; 3) a choice of 16 area cooling/heating settings, enabling free control of the emitted airflow; 4) a heat alarm to warn of excessive heating; and 5) a Look and See function that allows the user to monitor actual operating conditions, to promote energy saving awareness. The new SR Series models have rated capacities spanning from 2.2 to 5.6 kilowatts (kW), to accommodate spaces of from 10 to 30 square meters. No list prices are set by the manufacturer.

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