Micron Unveils New One Gigabit Mobile DRAM Chip

micro.jpgAt the 3GSM World Congress today, Micron Technology, Inc., introduced a new 1 Gigabit (GB) Mobile DRAM for popular high-end, feature rich mobile phones with multimedia and computing features. The company will bundle the new 1 GB Mobile DRAM with 1, 2 and 4 Gb density NAND flash memory, creating a powerful memory combination. The bundled Mobile DRAM and NAND package, commonly referred to as a multichip package (MCP), consumes less real estate in mobile phones, providing extra space to design in more features or create a sleeker, slimmer product. Designed on the 78-nanometer process technology, Micron’s new 1 Gb chip joins a family of Mobile DRAM products ranging from 64 Megabit (Mb) to 512 Mb. Micron’s Mobile DRAM products feature the company’s exclusive Endur-IC technology, which leverages advanced stacked processes and a combination of other unique design methodologies to deliver low power, high quality, high reliability and overall greater performance to wireless, handheld products.

Micron will begin sampling the 1 GB Mobile DRAM to strategic customers this month, with mass production expected in the third quarter. Additionally, Micron will begin sampling the 1 GB Mobile DRAM and 1 GB NAND MCP in the second quarter 2007 and will begin sampling the 2 and 4 GB NAND MCPs in summer 2007.