Micronas’ truD Full HD 120 eliminates ‘Motion Blur’ and ‘Film Judder’ on Full HD (1080p) TVs

Micronas today announced its latest generation FRC 94xyM Full HD frame rate converter IC which eliminates unpleasant ‘Motion Blur’ and ‘Film Judder’ on Full HD (1080p) TVs. Driven by the need to eliminate motion blur and movie film judder that limits today’s LCD TV performance, the new truD FHD 120 technology is a breakthrough in video processing – it offers an advanced processing technology to generate 120 individual frames per second (fps) from 50/60Hz broadcast content and from 24 fps film source. The best proven method to overcome the motion blur effect on LCD TVs is to increase the image rate – more images give a more realistic portrayal of motion. Leaping ahead of existing technologies, the FRC 94xyM generates 100/120 images per second using Micronas’ patented truD FHD 120 technology. The result is a bright, clear moving image without motion blur on LCD TVs.

To achieve the best possible result, Micronas deploys a unique Full HD processing technology: the FRC 94xyM processes images at Full HD resolution. Consequently, the display delivers an image that is a perfect match to the source image. This is relevant for all flat panel displays, including LCD, plasma and rear-projection TVs. The FRC 94xyM is sampling to qualified OEMs now.