Mitsubishi Electric announces la new series of mini DIPIPM for industrial use

Mitsubishi Electric announced today that it will launch a new series of transfer-mold-type, mini dual-inline-package intelligent power modules (DIPIPMTM) primarily for inverter drive systems of small-capacity motors, servos and other industrial equipment. The modules feature embedded bootstrap diode (BSD) chips, embedded analog temperature voltage output (VOT) and a 5A-50A current rating. Motor drive inverter systems have been evolving rapidly in recent years in response to increasing demands for energy savings.

Mitsubishi_Mini DIPIPM_new
Mitsubishi Electric’s new 5A-50A industrial Mini DIPIPM series uses sixth-generation IGBT chips featuring the carrier-stored trench-gate bipolar transistor (CSTBTTM) structure, a special feature of Mitsubishi Electric IGBT chips, as well as integrated external components such as BSD, current-limiting resistors and thermistors, to reduce the power consumption, size and cost of small-capacity inverter systems. Mitsubishi Electric’s new 5A-50A industrial Mini DIPIPM series will be available from April 25.

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