Mitsubishi Electric Announces World’s First Ultra-Wideband Transmission Chip set with S/C/X-Band Capability

Mitsubishi Electric has developed the world’s first ultra-wideband transmission chip set with S/C/X-band capability, designed for multi-purpose wireless systems. The new chip set is expected to facilitate the downsizing of transmission modules and boost the transmission range of wireless systems. Each chip is designed to reduce reflection loss when they are connected to each other; this co-design enables high output power while maintaining broadband characteristics. The chip set achieves an output power of over 20 watts as a transmission module, a high output level which will meet the demand for wide transmission range of wireless systems.

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The amplifier incorporated in the new chip set is configured in two discrete stages; a distributed first stage amplifier and a reactively-matched second stage amplifier combine to provide ultra-wideband capabilities. A single new chip set comprising an amplifier and a switch covering a fractional bandwidth of 125 percent in S/C/X-bands will enable the downsizing of transmission modules. Technical details will be presented during the European Microwave Conference/European Microwave Integrated Circuits Conference (EuMC / EuMIC) 2019 commencing September 29 in Paris, France.

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