Mitsubishi Electric to Build Integrated Factory for VI/VCB Production in Marugame, Japan

Mitsubishi Electric will build an integrated factory for the production of vacuum interrupters (VI) and vacuum circuit breakers (VCB) at its Power Distribution Systems Center in Marugame, Japan. Mitsubishi Electric will utilize its original “e-F@ctory” concept knowhow to realize innovative IoT-based efficient production. Mitsubishi Electric expects to raise VI and VCB sales to 12 billion yen by 2025. Demand for VI/VCB products is expected to expand globally in the mid to long term due to the increasing introduction of renewable-energy equipment and the renewal of distribution equipment at power utilities, railways, factories and others. Mitsubishi Electric’s new factory will help to secure the required production capacity and raise its competitiveness in the VI/VCB market.

The company’s e-F@ctory concept makes use of cutting-edge technologies to visualize information and integrates with high-level manufacturing-execution systems for improved production. The new factory will leverage this knowhow to unify production information, from order receipt through assembly to shipment, for enhanced productivity and product quality. Further, e-F@ctory concept initiatives will be used to improve cycle speeds and shorten lead times. Operation is scheduled to start in July 2018.

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