Mitsubishi Electric Develops DFB Laser Diode for 25Gbps Optical-fiber Communication in 100Gbps Systems

Mitsubishi Electric has developed a distributed feed-back (DFB) laser diode for 25Gbps optical-fiber communication in 100Gbps systems operating in a wide range of temperatures from -20 to 85 degree Celsius. Four DFB laser diodes can be mounted on 100Gbps high-speed communication transceivers for optical fiber communication to achieve lower power consumption and enhanced communication performance for increased efficiency in data centers. The new DFB laser diode will also help to simplify the requirements for transceiver design.

Mitsubishi_DFB_laser_modulation_waveformIn the effort to develop a DFB laser with high-speed response suited to 25Gbps operation, a current-blocking structure with semi-insulating semiconductors that have high electrical resistance by doping impurity showed promise, but high output power was not possible because of poor current injection efficiency in the active region. In response, Mitsubishi Electric developed the new current-blocking structure with semi-insulating semiconductors that realize efficient current injection in the active region.

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