Mitsubishi Electric Develops World’s Highest Power Efficiency SiC Power Device

Mitsubishi Electric has developed a silicon carbide (SiC) power device with what is believed to be the world’s highest power efficiency in a device of its type. The newly-developed unit is designed to be installed in power modules, and does not require a high-speed protection circuit to interrupt supply when excess current is detected. The new device will help improve the reliability and energy efficiency of power electronics equipment used in a wide range of applications such as home electronics, industrial machinery and railway operation.

According to Mitsubishi Electric research, at the time of this announcement the new SiC device had the world’s highest power efficiency rating of any 1200V-class power device with a short-circuit time exceeding 8 μs. Mitsubishi Electric’s development of the new SiC device was first revealed at the 2017 International Conference on Silicon Carbide and Related Materials (ICSCRM 2017), held in Washington, D.C., September 17-22, 2017.

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