Mitsubishi Electric Smart Air Coating keeps metal and plastic products free of dirt

Mitsubishi Electric has developed a new technology, Smart Air Coating, which helps to keep metal and plastic products free of dirt mixed with water, snow or ice, and dry dust and dirt. Smart Air Coating forms a micrometer-level concavo-convex surface coating with super-water repellence to protect the surfaces of metal and plastic materials. Its superhydrophobe surface made of hydrophobic resin with nanometer particulates is applied on top of a reinforcing layer that contains coarse, micrometer-sized particles to form homogenous concavo-convex surfaces, which trap air.
Smart Air Coating_mitsubishi_electricThe acuteness of the surface’s convex and concave angles is controlled by the size and shape of the coarse particles. As a result, the superhydrophobe surface forms a micrometer air film that prevents water permeation and inhibits the adhesion of substances including dirt, water, ice and snow. Mitsubishi Electric plans to apply the technology in products as soon as possible.

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