Mitsubishi Electric’s New Fiber-laser Welding Technology Dramatically Reduces Spatter for Faster Welding

Mitsubishi Electric and its affiliate company Tada Electric announced today their joint development of a new fiber-laser welding technology that cuts flying molten metal (spatter) by 95 percent or more. In conventional fiber-laser welding, spatter increases remarkably at certain welding speeds, requiring the speed to be lowered to ensure welding quality.

Using the technology announced today when raising the welding speed increases spatter only minimally, allowing for the full benefits of the laser’s power to be utilized. In a test using SPHC (hot rolled material) with a thickness of 4.5 millimeters, the new technology’s welding speed was double that of a conventional welding process. The new technology is expected to be incorporated in laser-welding machines that will appear in 2019.

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